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ServerAPI or Riot! -=*=- ServerAPI or Riot! -=*=- Bacon has been confirmed as the 7th essential food group. -=*=- I love how the bombdogstudio's logos on the main page looks, it is so kick ass! -=*=- What tutorial should I create next? Let me know on the MAV forums! -=*=- MADLIB TIME! The __verb__ brown __noun__ jumps over the lazy __noun__. (I choose suicidal, banana, wizard zombie bear) -=*=- -=*=- In other news we have reports of a crazed woman coming in like a wrecking ball. -=*=- Headlight Fluid (20.61 ▲ 0.45%), Elbow Grease (0.10 ▼ 0.62%), Unobtainium (43.01 ▲ 0.39%), Air (0.04 ▲ 0.04%), RSI (1.50 ▼ 631%) -=*=- The greatest thing since sliced toast. -=*=-

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