Rak Sal Industries

One of Europa's leaders in manufacturing of modular vehicles.

Modular Vehicle Design Exhibitions

Starting out as a means of displaying our product lines vs other companies modular vehicles it has evolved into a multifacited competition. Pilots from all around Europa gather together to test out new builds and to pit their skills against each other in a friendly enviroment. Now after the revolution for Europa's freedom has started the Exhibitions are even more crucial then ever as a means of exhibiting the pilots flexibility and control over a multitude of limitations and themes. Have an idea for an Exhibition Theme not listed below? Post your idea on our Exhibition Thread!

Our Goals

  • Decrease build stagnation by encouraging experimentation
  • Increase community interaction on the RSI servers
  • Gather feedback on specific weapons / chassis / role types through intense burst of use
  • Improve awareness of glacier senpai
  • Encourage players to test out less used parts
  • Broadcast the events through social media to increase interest
  • Increase Rak Sal's marketshare on Europa

Exhibition Rules

  1. Self Policing - If you want to break the theme / spirit of the event then go ahead, I won't stop you. However doing so may not settle right with the rest of the participants.
  2. Weapon Events - You are allowed to bring alternative weapon types, but please have the main weapon type be the one we are focusing on (10 cannons and 1 assault rifle does follow the spirit of an assault rifle themed exhibition).
  3. Chassis Events - Please only use the specific chassis type.
  4. Role Type Events - These are some of the losest events in regard to builds, please just keep the spirit of the event as a hex chassis MAV loaded to the brim with howitzers does not really fit idea of a Scout role.
  5. Language - As most of these events will be streamed / recorded we please ask all contestants to watch their language, the occasional "fuck" is okay but a full blown rant on someones mother will be frowned upon.
  6. We reserve the right to alter the event / rules / times / etc as our leasure with or without notice.

Next Exhibition

This Saturday at 6:00 PM EST (or shortly after) to 8:00 ~ 10:00 PM EST depending on attendance.

Most Popular Exhibition

  1. Role Type - Soldier [24 vote(s)]
  2. Weapon - Group One [23 vote(s)]
  3. For those purests out there we have our one weapon group challenge where all of your weapons must fit in a single weapon group. You can use multiple weapon groups for backup cameras but every weapon in weapon group 1 must be in every other weapon group.
  4. Chassis - Biped [23 vote(s)]

Potential Exhibitions

  • Weapon - Cannon [20 vote(s)]
  • Chassis - Reverse Joint [20 vote(s)]
  • Free For All - Arena [19 vote(s)]
  • No Rules, No Alliances, Just good old fashion free for all beat down.
  • Design - Spine Build [19 vote(s)]
  • Show off your best "off the chassis" cockpit designs, your cockpit must be separated from your chassis by at least one other part.
  • Weapon - Hex [19 vote(s)]
  • Show your love for all weapons with six sides as we build anything and every build with just hexigon weapon types.
  • Chassis - Tread [18 vote(s)]
  • Weapon - Square [18 vote(s)]
  • Got a thing for tight grouping? Or maybe just placing a lot of weapons on at once? Well get down and dirty with the square weapon types and show how much damage you can do with these tight fitting parts.
  • Role Type - Defender [18 vote(s)]
  • The the battle of the beefiest hounds begin, show the competition why your single MAV could hold an entire flank by itself.
  • Weapon - Date Night [18 vote(s)]
  • Two weapons per group, each group can be whatever weapons you want. So if you want 2 cannons, 2 howies, 2 snipers, or just three sets of two cannons then go for it!
  • Weapon - Artillery [17 vote(s)]
  • Unlease your best indirect fire weaponry as howitzers and missiles blot out the sun and rain across the landscape in a sea of long range bombardments.
  • Design - Cosplay [17 vote(s)]
  • Let your imagination run wild, also whoever makes the best Pizza Boy gets extra points.
  • Weapon - Point Blank [17 vote(s)]
  • It's time to get up close and dirty, flamers, pikes, and shotguns will rule the day as you wade in the middle of a mosh pit of carnage.
  • Design - Default Parts [16 vote(s)]
  • Armor, Mobility and Cockpit must use unupgraded parts (armored, stable, etc). We're going back to the basics and seeing what people can do with cheaply constructed MAV's.
  • Role Type - Scout [16 vote(s)]
  • Fast, Nimble, Annoying, these MAVs can pop in and out of battle so fast that they can engage in hit and run tactics or just gather information and just annoy the piss out of anyone unlucky enough to miss your chassis.
  • Role Type - Sniper [14 vote(s)]
  • Long Range is the name of the game, expect high calibery bullets to hit you from any direction as this game of wacka-sniper begins.
  • Chassis - Wheeled [14 vote(s)]
  • Team Battle - Arena [13 vote(s)]
  • Jump on Teamspeak, pick a color and name your team, now go into battle and fight for the pride of your mav's colors. Purple Parrots Rule!
  • Team Battle - Siege [13 vote(s)]
  • Group up with strangers and battle the other side in a rag tag race to see who can destroy the other teams radar dish.
  • Role Type - Commander [13 vote(s)]
  • Slap on your commander module and enjoy the extra map awareness, all builds must follow the commander role type by having a commander auxiliary equippped.
  • Design - Open Cockpit [12 vote(s)]
  • Going back to the basics, leave your cockpit unobstructed from the front, they can be anywhere on the build as long as it is not behind another part.
  • Weapon - Sniper [11 vote(s)]
  • Role Type - Heavy Gunner [8 vote(s)]
  • I kind of want to combine this and sniper into "support", buuuuut... LET IT RAIN!