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Update Cycle : Social Update
Last Cycle : Commander Update
Snapshot version : 0.5.21_2
Last Update : Jan - 21 - 2015
Next Update : Estimated March 2015*

Rak Sal Industries : We've got broken pictures.

What tutorial should I create next? Let me know on the MAV forums! -=*=- Games Done Quick is an awesome event -=*=- Why do teen girls only go to the mall in odd numbered groups? They litterally can't even. -=*=- ServerAPI or Riot! -=*=- All your base are belong to us. -=*=- MADLIB TIME! The __verb__ brown __noun__ jumps over the lazy __noun__. (I choose suicidal, banana, wizard zombie bear) -=*=- I have pants party and I would like to invite you to it. -=*=- Games Done Quick is an awesome event -=*=- I for one welcome our new Glacier overlords. -=*=- I have pants party and I would like to invite you to it. -=*=-

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