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Wunder Bread is now recruiting,stop on by to get toasted. -=*=- Bacon has been confirmed as the 7th essential food group. -=*=- I have pants party and I would like to invite you to it. -=*=- Come join us for Friday Night fights on the Rak Sal server at around 7:00 to 9:00 pm EST -=*=- Breaking news! A mysterous cult has taken up the worship of an iceburg, their intentions are unclear with what they want to do it with but we'll have more news on this at 11:00. -=*=- I for one welcome our new Glacier overlords. -=*=- Thank you for visiting Rak Sal Industries, please take this time to appreciate how amazing you are. -=*=- -=*=- MADLIB TIME! The __verb__ brown __noun__ jumps over the lazy __noun__. (I choose suicidal, banana, wizard zombie bear) -=*=- ´╗┐If you're interested in speed runs then www.pwning.com/r/speedrun is an awesome site to introduce you to new runners! -=*=-

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