Rak Sal Industries : We've got broken pictures.
I AM ERROR -=*=- Games Done Quick is an awesome event -=*=- Earlier today a deranged man in green body paint broke into the studio declairing it was "All Ogre Now." before being detained. -=*=- In other news we have reports of a crazed woman coming in like a wrecking ball. -=*=- Come join us for Friday Night fights on the Rak Sal server at around 7:00 to 9:00 pm EST -=*=- This website doesn't contain a lapdance *ding* -=*=- What tutorial should I create next? Let me know on the MAV forums! -=*=- Breaking news! A mysterous cult has taken up the worship of an iceburg, their intentions are unclear with what they want to do it with but we'll have more news on this at 11:00. -=*=- Looking for a good time? Call 1-800-Mecha-Me -=*=- This website doesn't contain a lapdance *ding* -=*=-

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